The SLA & LSR Adventure; Day 14, Cycling to Glencairn

During 2014 the Trek and Run team joined others to cycle and trek over 650kms, coast to coast across Sri Lanka. We were supported on our journey by the following companies, who provided the resources we needed to make the best of our time there.

We woke to a vision of Adam’s Peak rising into a clear sky above our balcony; we didn’t need any encouragement to get onto our bikes and start enjoying the day. It was going to be a beautiful one, for certain.

to glencairn 003

The 35km from Dalhousie to Glencairn presented easy going through tea estates; plenty of up and down but the roads were clear and the views fine. The heat was the main issue, not whilst riding (when it was actually a real joy, what with the light breeze of motion) but when we stopped to take in a fine view, like the panorama back over luminous slopes of tea to Adam’s Peak…

to glencairn 106

…or when we came across a stunning Hindu temple and the guardians were eager to meet us and talk.

to glencairn 085

It was good talking to them; we have few conversations as we travel, due to the speed of our cycles and also of course our lack of ability to speak the local languages. There are smiles everywhere and although we have no idea what’s behind them we never complain; as a point of contact smiles far outweigh frowns.

We stopped at roadside stalls a couple of times, we didn’t have to coverage much mileage so we could afford the time to sit and enjoy easy conversation, and pastries.

to glencairn 050

to glencairn 045

There were so many jaw dropping scenes, better to just show a few images to try to give you an idea of the immense beauty we experienced.

lamia rest of tour movies too 050




lamia rest of tour movies too 046


to glencairn 216

to glencairn 129

With 6km to go we started a downhill that would take us almost to the door of Glencairn Bungalow. The road wasn’t as smooth as it had been during the morning, and we stopped often to enjoy the view across the fields, slopes and lake and islands to our destination.

to glencairn 073

to glencairn 178

to glencairn 185

lamia rest of tour movies too 112

Glencairn was once the home of the eminent Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and we were excited to be staying there. We settled into our ground floor room with it’s wood paneled ceiling and bay windows looking out to the lake.

lamia rest of tour movies too 105

lamia rest of tour movies too 103


We were going to have a great afternoon here, we knew, creating new images with Cameron in mind and refreshing out minds for the next day’s ride, which we’d been warned would be tough, but probably the best day’s cycling we’d ever experienced.

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